The Food of Love

We’re fast approaching February, and you all know what that means—Valentine’s Day! A celebration of love and romance for those lucky enough to have someone, what better way to mark the occasion than with a delicious meal, whether it’s as a gesture of thanks or as a natural aphrodisiac.

Breakfast in Bed

Is there anything more romantic than breakfast in bed? For me, there’s nothing that says ‘I love you’ more than waking up to some beautiful lobster muffins with warm hollandaise sauce; think eggs Benedict but with a seafood twist. Of course, not everything has to be a Michelin-starred meal—sometimes the classics are the best. Whether it’s American-style pancakes or kippers on toast, the act of making something for your loved one should be enough to wake them up with a smile.

A Light(ish) Lunch

Working on the assumption that Valentine’s night is going to be a special one, it makes sense to enjoy something a little lighter in the afternoon, but that doesn’t mean it should be any less romantic. Baked sea bass with a side of lightly roasted potatoes makes the perfect healthy lunch, as does a lovingly crafted crayfish risotto. And if you want to make things really hot, how about some tasty prawn pad Thai to get you in the mood?

The Main Event

Here’s where you can really let your creativity roam free. You’ll know best what your partner will enjoy, but you can’t go far wrong with something like beautifully seared tuna steaks or grilled lobster with lashings of garlic butter. Of course you could always take a few notes from our European cousins and make wonderful seafood paella; the beauty of paella is that you can use any fish that you like, so throw in those mussels as well as some slices of monkfish and red snapper and you’re away.

A Seafood Soufflé?!

Of course, we’re struggling to recommend a worthy seafood dessert for the occasion, but we’ll recommend the next best thing! This recipe for grilled salmon with blueberry sauce may well satisfy your sweet tooth, even if it doesn’t reach the dizzying heights of a decadent chocolate pudding.

A Naughty Late Night Snack

Before you retire for the bedroom, try a little something to heighten your senses. Perhaps a tikka salmon fillet or a small portion of lobster Thermidor. Of course, there’s always the classic: fresh oysters on a bed of ice. With this one you’ll definitely be in the good books!

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