The Dockside Guide to a Seafood Christmas

Year in, year out, it’s always the same. Too much turkey, a mountain of potatoes and sprouts by the bucketload. So instead of dreading the big day, why not shake things up a bit and enjoy an alternative Christmas dinner? And since this is Dockside, all of our dishes are going to have a seafood twist!


When we wake up on Christmas morning (or rather when we’re woken up by the kids), we usually start the day with something light and simple like pâté on toast. Instead of pork or duck, why not combine a little salmon or mackerel with some soft cheese and lemon juice and enjoy on crackers? After all, there’s a lot of food to that’s yet to come.


I’m going to state the obvious here and say that prawn cocktail is always a winner on the big day! The simple combination of Marie Rose sauceprawns and salad is perfect, made even better with thickly buttered crusty brown bread.

Of course there are always alternatives. Diced trout fillets mixed with chilli and apple slices make a great starter for those in the mood for something different, especially when eaten with a slice of cucumber for a satisfying crunch.

Main Course

Now for the main event. In order to give everyone that real Christmas Day feeling, you should opt for something extra meaty, so you can’t go far wrong with tuna or salmon steakswordfishmonkfish or even some frozen mahi mahi portions if you fancy a taste of the exotic.

Grill or sear the steaks to your liking and serve with all your usual potatoes and veg! You could even replace pigs in blankets with some scampi or scallops to round off your meal and really make it a memorable one.


You’re on your own for this one we’re afraid!

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