The Beginner’s Guide to Wine & Seafood

We know what it’s like. You go to a fancy seafood restaurant and stare at the wine menu, intimidated by the sheer choice of wines and baffled as to which one you should pick with your Lobster Thermidor. Well worry no longer as Dockside Seafood has put together this little guide, so you can practice at home next time you’re enjoying some of our ocean-fresh fish.


An easy one to start with! Salmon’s rich, distinctive flavour comfortably pairs well with both whites and reds, so you’ve pretty much got your pick of the litter. Try your next salmon dish, such as our Baked Salmon for Two with pinot noir or Chardonnay.


Halibut is classically meaty with a touch of sweetness, so finding a sweet white wine to complement it is definitely your best bet.  Try out our Baked Halibut recipe and pair with one of the sweeter Riesling or Gewürztraminer wines.


A rich and fruity Sauvignon Blanc is the order of the day when it comes to seabass. Notes of grapefruit and citrus will bring out the best in seabass dishes, such as our succulent Seabass Potato Parcels, so pour yourself a glass and enjoy!


Mackerel is well known for its unique flavour, so it needs a wine that can match it. Good news for rosé lovers, as rosé’s smooth, fruity taste pairs perfectly, especially with our Peppered Mackerel Carbonara or Smoked Mackerel Quiche recipes


Crabmeat is another seafood that’s refreshingly sweet, but it’s also quite delicate, so a more muted, gentler wine is undoubtedly the way to go. Try out our Spicy Potted Crab recipe, and consider a light sparkling wine to perfectly balance both flavours.

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