Fish of the Month: Seabass

Fish of the month: SEABASS

Scientific Name: Dicentrarchus Labrax

Texture: Meaty texture. large flakes.

Flavour: Fishy, buttery taste – unusual for white fish.

How to cook: Grill, deep fry, bake, shallow fry, steam, poach, stirfry.

One serving of seabass is low in calories and an excellent source of protein, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids.

Found wild in the spring/summer season, Seabass are a prize catch when line caught. There are plentifiul supplies of seabass, which helps to keep the cost down.

Seabass is particularly popular, due to its strong flavour, in Asian cuisine.


High in: Selenium, Protein, Vitamin B12, Thiamin.

Source of: Vitamin B6, Potassium, Phosphorus, Niacin.

Recipe Suggestions

  • Pan fried fillets with creamed fennel.
  • Asian baked seabass.
  • Grilled seabass with parsely and rosemary pesto.
  • Seabass with sizzled ginger, chilli and sproing onions.
  • Steamed seabass with pak choi.

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