Sauces for Seafood

With the variety of seafood we’ve got on offer in our April giveaway, we couldn’t help but wonder how we’d serve some of our favourite fish. There are so many accompaniments to choose from and there’s always a debate in the Dockside offices regarding the best sauce to use for our different catches. Here are a few we think you should consider for your next seafood dish!

Marie Rose

This flavourful sauce begins with a helping of mayonnaise. We love it as a dip with a classic battered fish or succulent prawns! Marie Rose has become a staple in dishes like prawn cocktail, often dubbed ‘cocktail sauce’. A quick way of whipping up Marie Rose sauce is to add a dollop of ketchup to our Farmhouse Mayonnaise along with a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and pepper. If you’re feeling lazy, we even have a delicious Prawn Cocktail Sauce you could devour whenever!

Fish Velouté

Made from white fish stock, fish velouté is a traditional French cuisine sauce paired with a number of seafood dishes. A simple hot sauce comprised of stock blended with butter, flour and salt, fish velouté is a creamy addition to your plate. Consider adding a dash of wine or fresh herbs for a flavour kick and enjoy on Dockside’s Fresh King Scallops.

Beurre Blanc

We love a good butter-based sauce at Dockside and beurre blanc is a treat for any plate. You can create your own by adding wine (such as chardonnay), lemon juice, shallots and double cream to your butter. Incorporating spices and herbs can deepen the flavour for a spicy jolt to the traditional taste. Pair with our Hot Smoked Salmon for a delicious fish dish.


A classic sauce that many have tried on fish, meat and salads; Hollandaise is a definite crowd pleaser. This is a hearty sauce comprising of butter and egg yolks that are mixed with white wine vinegar and lemon juice. Farmhouse Hollandaise Sauce is second to none—try it with Dockside Fresh Butterfly Trout Fillets.

Compound Butters

How can you possibly make butter more appealing? By melting it and adding extra, scrumptious ingredients to it, that’s how! Chefs call this compounding butter—infusing other flavours to a traditional butter mixture. The flavour possibilities are endless as there are countless recipes that compound butters can be used in. Compound butter can be added to seafood like Dockside’s Fresh Cooked Crab while cooking, or even served for dipping as an extra decadent side. For a delicious treat why not try Dockside’s Lemon Zest and Chive Butter with your next shellfish dinner?

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