Smoked Kippers with Poached Eggs

Many people are surprised with how quick and easy it is to make this dish, which means it’s the perfect way to get a good dose of brain food before work! You’ll need just a couple of our fresh Wholefish Kippers and two eggs and you’re ready to go.


2 Wholefish Kippers
2 Eggs


First, fill a large, wide frying pan with boiling water to about 8cm deep. I like to add a little salt and vinegar to the water here as well. Bring the water to the boil on a higher heat and then let it simmer.

Next, use a whisk or spoon to swirl the water in a clockwise direction, creating a vortex. Crack your first egg into the centre of the water, watching for when the egg white wraps around the yolk. You should now be safe to crack your second egg in. Cook the eggs for a couple of minutes before transferring them to some kitchen roll to drain.

Now add both of your Dockside wholefish kippers to the still simmering water and heat these for another 2 minutes.

Once your kippers are heated throughout, drain them on kitchen roll before plating them up with a poached egg on top of each. All that’s left to do is tuck in