Why we heart fish

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK. Strokes and heart attacks are the two most common causes of premature death in the world.

There are many things that we can do to try and reduce our risk of heart disease, but the obvious one that we can control is eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

One of the best foods that you can eat, and that you can eat plenty of is fish. Health experts recommend eating at least two portions of fish a week, one of which should be rich in oils, like salmon, mackerel, tuna, trout and sardines.

So why is fish so good?

It’s Low in Fat

Eating a diet that is low in fat is essential to keeping our heart healthy and most white fish is low in fat. White fish such as cod, haddock and plaice are a super choice and shellfish such as prawns and mussels are perfect for a low-calorie diet.

It looks after your blood pressure

High blood pressure is a condition that increases a person’s chance of developing heart disease. Omega 3 fats found in oily fish are known for helping to maintain healthy blood pressure.

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