Why Sustainable Fishing is Good News for Everyone

At Dockside, we pride ourselves on ensuring we keep up the best practices possible when it comes to sourcing our seafood. That’s why so many of our products, such as coley and pollock, are sustainably fished. But exactly what does this mean?

Plentiful Species

Sustainably sourced seafood, in simple terms, is targeting species that are plentiful, such as smaller fish or those that are low in the food chain, as they are able to reproduce at a faster rate and are therefore more capable of sustaining their numbers.

Less Harmful Techniques

Sustainable fishing also works to manage seafood population with responsible sourcing techniques, avoiding harmful methods such as dredging, which often results in unwanted species or sexes of fish being unintentionally caught and then wasted.

Proper Management

Our fishermen properly manage themselves to ensure they adhere to all laws and acts on an international, national and local level to where they are working. Such laws are in place to maximise productivity and maintain the delicate balance of the species in question.

Minimal Wastage

Sustainably sourced seafood is captured using methods that minimise the amount of organic waste produced, as well as other possible contaminants, so that the local ecosystem is not in any way impacted.

By purchasing seafood from Dockside, you are supporting thriving ecosystems and healthier oceans all around the world. By continuing to work with us, you are sending a clear message that sustainably sourced seafood is the only way to go.

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