What’s Fresh in January?

Every January, ‘new year, new you’ is the theme of the month, and we don’t see a reason why 2017 will be any exception. If it’s a health kick you’re after, or to shift some of those Christmas pounds, seafood is the ideal way to do it. But while the likes of bass, cod and mackerel are common at this time of year, we thought we’d explore some more unusual—but equally tasty—fish that are easier than ever to get your hands on in January.


One for the people who love the taste of white fish but want to explore further afield than simple cod or haddock; coley is just as versatile but with a more complex depth of flavour. Fresh as you like it in the colder months, coley works just as well in a pie as it does battered with chips.


A flat fish with sweet and flaky white flesh, these dab fillets aren’t just frozen—so you can use them whenever you like—they’re also covered in a seasoned flour coating to really bring that succulent flavour home. Try some with a little garlic butter or in your next curry to wow your dinner guests.

Dover Sole

This delicate, flavourful fish has a more meaty texture than most and can be grilled, fried or poached. Perfect when paired with tomato flavours, but works equally well with more acidic citrus notes. A truly versatile fish dish.

Lemon Sole

“Oooh,” I hear you say, “a sole fillet with a subtle lemon flavour sounds delicious.” Sorry to disappoint but lemon sole doesn’t taste of lemon and certainly isn’t a sole; it’s simply a yellow-coloured flounder from the same family as halibut. Nonetheless, lemon sole is delicate and sweet, and tastes best when grilled then served with steamed veg for the ultimate healthy supper.


Monkfish, particularly our deliciously Fresh Monkfish Tails, are dense and succulent, making them ideal to pair up with other strong flavours such as chilli, soy and chorizo. Get grilling and then tuck in!

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