Weight Loss Wonderfoods

While it’s well known how good seafood can be for your heart, you may not know just how great it can be for your waistline as well. But all fish were not created equal so we’re here to outline what you should be eating and why.


A nicely steamed halibut steak is fantastically healthy, but also incredibly filling, beating out soup, eggs and porridge in terms of satisfaction and fullness post-meal. In addition, replacing a beef or chicken dish with similarly sized halibut fillet will be more filling, meaning you could potentially scale down your portion sizes without going hungry.


Sardines may be small but they pack a punch when it comes to your health. They’re extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids—they squeeze in more than salmon or tuna—which is fantastic for your heart and your cholesterol levels. What’s more they’re high in vitamin D, but low in both fat and calories. The perfect snack or side dish.


Salmon contains a large amount of protein, which is brilliant if you’re trying to lose weight. Your body has to work harder to digest protein, which burns more calories and takes longer, keeping you fuller for longer and hopefully preventing you from eating between mealtimes. Plus the lack of unhealthy fats means that your heart and general health will see the benefits.


While we still don’t know for sure whether oysters have aphrodisiac qualities, we can tell you that they will help with your weight loss! Oysters have very little calorie content (about 10 or so each) and they’ll provide 21% of your recommended iron intake as well. Combine all this with being high in zinc, which helps to regulate your hunger pangs, and you’re onto a winner with these little clams.


We know what you’re thinking: scallops go hand-in-hand with rich, creamy sauces, so how can they help with weight loss? But if you can show a little restraint and cook them in a healthy way, you’ll find that they’re high in protein, low in calories and will benefit your cholesterol no end!

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