The Healthiest Ways to Cook Your Fish

When it comes to fish, many people tend to believe that no matter how you cook it, it’s always healthy. However this isn’t true, there are certain ways of cooking fish that can add extra fat or salt—especially when it’s fried!

With Dockside being masters of seafood, we thought we’d point you guys in the right direction by showing you the healthiest ways to cook your fish. Enjoy!

Steamed Fish

When steaming fish, it is important to remember to pair it with a flavourful sauce or topping as it produces quite a mild flavoured fish. Nonetheless it still makes for a delicious, healthy meal!

Before you steam your fish you should always rub your fillet with any spices or flavourings that you will be using as this really embeds the taste.

Once this is finished you want to add around ½ an inch of water into a pan. Then you need to add your fish to your steamer basket and finish by placing the basket over the pan, while you bring the water to boil.

Around ten minutes after being over the boiling water, you can take your fillet out and tuck into your fresh, healthy dish!

Poached Fish

Poaching fish prevents it from going dry as well as keeping that delicate flavour we all love. We recommend you use a vegetable stock with some herbs and spices to increase your variety of flavours as well as staying as healthy as possible.

To poach fish, you will need a pan, big enough to lay your fish flat. Then you need to fill your pan with water so that it just barely covers your fillets.

Once this is done, bring your water to a simmer—it is crucial to not boil your water here guys! If you do see any bubbles at the surface, you need to turn the heat down a little. Usually the ideal temperature when poaching is between 165 and 180 degrees.

After the fish has simmered for ten minutes, it’s ready to be served! Simple as can be…

Grilled Fish

For a quick, healthy fix, grilled fish is the perfect choice. When grilling fish, it takes a matter of minutes before both sides are cooked and then it’s ready to be served up straight away.

To start, you want to brush your fillet gently with oil—non-stick cooking spray works a treat too.

Once complete, it’s time to put your fish on the grill. Make sure your fillet is near the edge, away from the hottest part of the fire! P.S. If you try to lift your fish up at this point, it will stick to the grill so please refrain from doing so…

After a few minutes of grilling when your fish will begin to release its juices, you can start checking to see if it’s ready. When you see light grill marks forming is when you know it’s time to flip your fillet over!

Then do the exact same for the other side and you’re ready to serve!

Many people struggle with what they can serve their fish with, however it really isn’t that hard. Pairing your seafood with a delicious sauce, fresh salad and a wedge of lemon, you can never go wrong!

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