The Best Ways To Enjoy Salmon

The beauty of salmon is that no matter how you serve it or what you pair it with, the taste is always second to none! There are so many recipe combinations, it’s almost never-ending. The key to these delicious salmon meals all comes down to the quality of your fillet—and what better place to look other than Fleetwood’s leading fishmonger?


Grilling salmon is the perfect way to release that delicious flavour salmon holds as well as giving it a slight crunchy texture. Grilled salmon works beautifully with rich flavoured sauces—especially balsamic onion glaze!


I’m sure whenever you think of tikka masala, rogan josh, jalfrezi or any kind of curry, you’ll immediately assume it’s accompanied by chicken or beef! Well, it’s time you get that salmon on the grill and add some Indian spice because salmon curry is absolutely sensational. Don’t forget your rice and naan bread…


Roasting salmon is another delightful way of enjoying your fish, although it takes much longer to cook, we must say it is worth the wait. We would recommend pairing this with a strong flavoured sauce as the taste is quite mild—yet delicious, as ever.


Salmon Smoked salmon makes for the perfect starter to any meal or even just a healthy snack. It pairs brilliantly with bagels and cream cheese or you could even turn it into a pate to have on toast! The world is your oyster…

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