Making Fish part of your child’s diet

We seem to be reminded on a daily basis through articles and advertisements about the importance of fruit and veg in our family’s daily diet. Fish however doesn’t seem to be on our radars quite the same but it absolutely should be.

Studies suggest that children not only sleep better but also have a higher IQ when fish is part of their weekly diet. Check out the other health benefits that we could be offering our children by simply cooking them fish just twice a week:

Omega 3’s

The stand out nutrient that helps with brain development and the perfect nutrient for nearly every organ in a Childs body.

Vitamin A

Contributes to skin and eye health.

Vitamin B

Helps to convert food to energy and build new blood cells.

Vitamin D

Helps to absorb calcium.


Helps to keep their metabolism at the right level.


Makes new blood cells.


Fish is packed with lean protein.

We all need protein in our daily diet and fish is the perfect source. Whether your child is a fussy eater or just a little bit picky when it comes to certain food types, it is always best to introduce them to a variety of foods from just 6 months old, a stage where they are less fussy and can be guided with ease.

Except for shellfish, you can start to feed your toddler mashed or pureed fish from as early as 6 months, once they are eating solids. Fish is ideal for infants and it is recommended that you feed it to them twice a week. Children’s behaviour is affected by what they eat. A balanced diet full of wholegrains, fruit, veg and lean protein is ideal but people tend not to cook fish, it’s seen as more of an adult-type dish.

Since a Childs brain grows fastest prenatally and continues to grow at a rapid speed in the first year of their life, tripling in size by their second year, this is the ideal time to get fish in to their body.

The best types of fish for children are: Oily fish: Tuna light chunks, Sardines, Halibut and Salmon as these are the best sources of omega 3’s. Salmon is the best choice as other oily fish are high in mercury so not ideal for toddlers. It is best to stick to fish that are in the low mercury category for children, avoiding shellfish as they can be allergenic.

There are many wonderfully simple recipes that are ideal for your little fussy eater, that adults will eat also. Why not try Fish Fingers, Salmon Linguine, Fish burgers, Potato and salmon fishcakes, Crispy fish bites, Tuna pasta bake, Tandoori fish bites, Fish macaroni cheese, Fish and chips or Tuna and tomato pizza. For babies, try blending your salmon in to something like Mac n cheese or mashed potatoes or make a spread and spread on to toast or crackers.

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