How Fresh Fish Gets to Your Plate

Dockside has a reputation throughout the UK for fresh fish and seafood, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But making sure our seafood is to such a high standard is no easy task! It’s a long, gruelling process but one that’s definitely worth it in the end.

Hook, Line and Sinker

A fish’s journey begins, as you probably guessed, in the oceans surrounding the UK and beyond, as some of our exotic fish such as Alaskan pollock and swordfish have to be sourced from further afield.

No matter where our ocean-fresh seafood comes from, we only utilise suppliers we have a long and trusted relationship with, and those who responsibly fish their catch.

Being a fisherman is a thankless task. Many of our guys lay out gigantic nets the day before, so they’re ready to revisit them in the dead of night to harvest their catch. They’re out there rain or shine, which can be okay in the summer months, but not so nice when winter hits.

For certain kinds of seafood, our fishermen will even have to root out their trusty fishing rod. It’s a slow process, but it means that they can select only the best quality fish for your order! 

Dockside’s Time to Shine

After the boat comes in, we get involved. We go and visit our fishing boats every single morning at Fleetwood docks to collect that day’s catch; it’s the only way we can guarantee 100% fresh fish delivered to your door no matter what or when you order.

Once we get our haul back to Dockside HQ, we check it over for quality and then prepare it all for sale, all the while being kept on ice to lock the freshness in. We work so quickly because we want those delicious seafood flavours to be maintained, making for a memorable dish when it gets to your table.

Order Fresh Fish 24/7

All that’s left is for you to choose what you’d like! Whether you want to take advantage of the freshest seafood on the Fyldesomething to keep in the freezer for emergencies or something from our range of sauces, marinades and condiments, we’ve got you covered!

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