Fresh Shellfish

The broad term ‘shellfish’ covers crustacean and mollusc seafood, which includes clams, mussels, oysters, lobsters and shrimp. Shellfish offer a real taste of the ocean and are bursting with flavour. What’s more, they are surprisingly simple to prepare and cook.

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  • Live Oysters

    Live Oysters

    A sea-salty flavour with a sweet, creamy finish.

  • Cooked Lobster

    Cooked Lobster

    All the great taste of fresh lobster, without the hassle.

  • Fresh Cooked Crab

    Fresh Cooked Crab

    Fresh tasting crabmeat. Enjoy the soft, rich flesh of the body and the sweet, white meat of the claws.

  • Fresh Dressed Crab

    Dressed Crab

    Delicious cooked crab, prepared by Dockside Seafood for your convenience.

  • Crayfish in Brine

    Crayfish in Brine

    Fresh and sweet, preserved in brine to pack in the flavour.

  • 100g Raw Crevettes 20/30

    Raw Crevettes 20/30

    Succulent crevettes can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to prawns and are shipped raw to be cooked how you like.


13 Item(s)

  15  21  30  All  per page