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2 a week

It is recommended that we all eat at least 2 portions of fish a week. Fish is jam packed full of the protein, nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need to help us push through the daily stresses and business of every day life.

Making Fish part of your child's diet

We seem to be reminded on a daily basis through articles and advertisements about the importance of fruit and veg in our family’s daily diet. Fish however doesn’t seem to be on our radars quite the same but it absolutely should be. Studies suggest that children not only sleep better but also have a higher IQ when fish is part of their weekly diet.

Exercise and Fish

No Matter what time of the day you exercise, what you eat after exercising matters! The key is to ensure you provide your body with protein to help your muscles repair and recover and carbohydrates to replenish your energy stores.

Children need Vitamin SEA

Knowing what we should and shouldn’t feed our children these days has become a really hard task. With so many experts out there telling us what to avoid and what offers the best nutrition, no wonder it has become so confusing and parents don’t know what to do for the best.

How many portions of fruit and vegetables do our children really need a day? How do I get protein in to my child? What amount of carbohydrates is classed as too much for a child? With reports of an increase in child obesity and constant headlines about whether children are eating the right foods and possibly eating too much ‘junk food’, there are so many questions being asked. One question that certainly doesn’t need asking is ‘should children eat fish'?

Pairing wine with Fish

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and making the decision as to what to get the most special lady in your life can prove challenging.

In the lead up to the special day don’t spend it frantically running around trying to figure out what best to buy, instead why not cook her something special.

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