Become a Seafood Professional

Learning how to master seafood is like learning how to ride a bike! It’s hard to learn at first, but once you’ve completely nailed it, you’re a pro!

Cooking Fillets

When cooking fillets of fish, it’s crucial you begin with a hot pan and hot oil! It is also important you try to season the pan instead of your fillet—you don’t want to drown it with all types of flavour because then it will lose its taste. You want to look for a fillet with even thickness so that either side cooks evenly and before you place your fish in the pan, make sure your fillet is dry. And the most important point is to be patient with your cooking! Your fish only needs to be turned on either side once so when you notice a white line appearing just over half way up the flesh, you know it’s time to flip or take off the heat.

Tips to Cooking Whole Fish

When cooking whole fish, there’s a list of things that could go wrong but we hope with these simple tips, you’ll never go wrong again. Firstly, don’t try and cook faster by turning up the heat—this will not work. It is crucial you use a slow and even heat throughout. Before cooking, we recommend you rub your fish with olive oil, inside and out, and then also sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. This will lower the chances of it drying out!


With our help on how to cook correctly, we hope from now on that all your fish is cooked to absolute perfection! However it’s not just the cooking that can go wrong with seafood. More often than not, people ruin their meal when it comes to adding the sauce. They think the more sauce, the more flavour, but this really isn’t the case with seafood—you need to let your fish do the talking! Too much sauce will drown out the taste and that’s the last thing you want. To ensure you get the right amount, we would recommend you start with a small amount, and slowly add more each time until you finally find the right amount for you!

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