Anchovies: Delicious and Nutritious

Anchovies really are brilliant! Tasty little fish that work well with so many different dishes, anchovies are a bestseller at Dockside. We offer them cured in a salt and olive oil marinade, as well as an oil marinade blended with fresh garlic. However, as well as being delicious and superbly versatile, they’re packed with health benefits too!

Shed Pounds

Not only do anchovies have a seriously low calorie count, they are also high in protein, which has the side effect of making you feel more full in the long term. And, of course, being fuller for longer will help you to kick the habit of snacking between meals!

Repair Cells and Tissues

Protein is great for weight loss, but it’s also useful for tissue and cellular growth as well. By making cell growth and repair more efficient, you’re effectively helping your body to heal. It’s almost like a superpower!

Get Your Calcium Kick

Did your mum ever tell you finish your milk to you grew up to have strong bones? Well milk isn’t the only place you can get your calcium fix! Anchovies are a fantastic source of calcium, which helps to strengthen your bones and teeth. So tuck in!

Treat Your Heart Right

Anchovies are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which will decrease the amount of bad cholesterol that builds up in the blood and attacks the heart.

Protect Your Eyes

These fishy wonders are high in vitamin A, which helps protect against eye deterioration and diseases like cataracts.

Clear Up Your Complexion

Anchovies are great for your skin, whether you’re young or old, as they can have serious effects against acne and wrinkles, as well as promoting healthy skin in general.

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