A day in the life of a Fishmonger

For generations our family have been involved in the fishing industry at Fleetwood Docks, supplying fresh fish to our lovely locals and through our retail shop.

So what do you see when you pay us a visit? Our dedicated and highly valued team of family fishmongers. Responsible for the operations of the fish and seafood department, maintaining freshness at all times and customer appeal, our wonderful team are at hand to guide and help you with our wide range of delicious and fresh fish and seafood.

All in a days work

It’s an early start for our fishmongers, there’s so much that goes on and takes place before the doors to our retail shop are opened. The seafood arrives fresh from the docks very early each morning and it’s all hands on deck to get ready for the working day ahead. Our fresh fish is put on Ice at Dockside and lovingly hand prepared by our family fishmongers, ready for sale.

First things first, we take note of the orders that have come in overnight whilst we have been getting some well earned rest. Our seafood arrives fresh from the Docks and it’s all hands on deck to get the quality checks done and the counter displays set up. The lobster tank is prepped, our seafood platters prepared and our ready-made meals are made. A favourite amongst the locals being our delicious melt in the middle cod and parsley sauce fishcakes, if you haven’t tried them yet, pop in and add them to your basket. Quality checks from as soon as the fish arrive to the moment they are sent out to our customers is key, they don’t call us ‘Fleetwood’s freshest’ for nothing!

The shop is open, vans are loaded for deliveries and we are behind the counter ready to greet you.

Seasonality plays a huge part in what seafood we bring to you, weather conditions and environmental and oceanographic factors all play a role too. Our family fishmongers are always on hand to give you a guide on what to buy and when and are always happy to give you any tips or advice and answer your queries.

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