5 Reasons to Buy Frozen Seafood

At Dockside Seafood, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our fresh fish. After all, we’ve been leading the charge in delivering ocean-fresh seafood products for 35 years!

But fresh fish isn’t the only option, and nor should it be. Here are five reasons why frozen seafood is sometimes the way to go

Nutritious and Delicious

Our fish frozen as soon as it’s caught, meaning all those precious nutrients are locked in—nothing is lost in transit! But even more importantly, all the ocean-fresh flavour you’ve come to expect from Dockside is retained.

Less Wastage

With frozen products such as Royal Greenland Cooked Prawns or crab meat, you can use only what you need for a particular meal, and store the rest for a later date. No more throwing away perfectly good fish simply because you couldn’t use it all before the expiration date.

Try New Things

The wonders of freezing enable you to try things you wouldn’t normally be able to such as mahi-mahi or red snapper. Delicious and unique, more exotic fish provide a different experience when it comes to mealtimes.

What You Want, When You Want It

Just because a certain kind of fish isn’t in season on our cold shores, doesn’t mean they can’t be sourced elsewhere. If you’re mad for mussels, but it’s not that winter sweet spot, you can get hold of frozen mussels all year round from Dockside.

Midweek Treats

Fresh fish is always best enjoyed a couple of a days after purchase, but if you do your weekly shop on Sunday, what happens when Thursday rolls around? Frozen seafood is the perfect solution, allowing you to enjoy a healthy meal without sacrificing on flavour.

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