5 Great Ways to Serve Smoked Fish

There’s not long left to enter our June giveaway to win a delicious smoked fish hamper! There are countless ways to use the smoked salmonmackerel and other scrumptious offerings we’ve included this month. Smoked fish already has a sharp, distinct BBQ flavour and requires very little (if any!) cooking. Able to spice up a meal in no time, smoked fish is tasty and versatile and can be eaten at any time of day. Here are Dockside’s top 5 ways to serve smoked fish:


How easy is it to halve a bagel, slap on some cream cheese, slices of smoked salmon and a dash of salt and pepper? That’s really all it takes to create a scrumptious breakfast dish. Customise with your favourite ingredients and try different herbs and spices to bring out the smokiness of the salmon. We like to throw on chives or a bit of cayenne pepper!

Eggs Benedict

Another morning favourite—all you need to do is toast your breakfast muffin and top each half with sliced smoked salmon and a poached egg. Add a dollop of hollandaise sauce and your choice of garnish, and enjoy a decadent dish before heading to the office.


Few foods are as satisfying as an omelette in the morning and smoked salmon is a great addition to your ingredients. Add flakes of salmon onto one side of an almost-cooked omelette and cook for a further 2-3 minutes. You could also serve your smoked salmon uncooked and packed into your omelette like a wrap.

Grilled Cheese

Fire up the oven and butter two slices of bread. Mix your flaked smoked mackerel or salmon together with your choice of cheese (we recommend a sharp Pepperjack!) and stir in some cream to make a paste. Add some salt and pepper and spread the mixture across one slice of bread. Top it with the remaining slice and grill until golden brown.

Classic Sandwich

Of course, a smoked fish sandwich is a great go-to for any lunch. Whether you prefer a hot panini or cool club, smoked salmon or mackerel works in any type of sandwich. Halve a granary roll and spread over a little butter. Mix some cream cheese and yoghurt together and spice with paprika and pepper. Pile this onto each slice and flake over your salmon or mackerel. Add slices of tomato and some lettuce leaves, and top with the remaining bread half for a yummy snack in front of Sunday telly!

We’ve also got some scrumptious smoked salmon and mackerel pâtés at the Dockside shop, and our recipe section has even more ideas for you to try out. Have you seen our new Smoked Mackerel Salad recipe? Keep checking back for more tips!

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