2 a week

What are the benefits of eating fish?

Eating at least 2 portions of fish a week can help to increase our omega 3 levels in our body, leading to improved sleep patterns and healthier hair, skin and nails.

Fish has been proven to lower our risk of heart disease, stroke, depression, mental health issues and diabetes. By helping to improve our sleep patterns, eating fish also helps with improving our brain function.

Media channels are constantly shouting out about how good fruit and vegetables are for us and the benefits and reasons for eating at least 5 portions a day. Just imagine what eating your 5 a day plus your 2 a week will be doing for your body!

So why do people not choose fish first?

Some say it’s down to the cost, others say it’s because the younger members of their families don’t like the strong taste that fish can have, and others say it’s because they don’t think of fish as being as versatile as say chicken or beef.

A little bit of fish goes a long way.

Combining fish with other ingredients can create a dish that is perfect for sharing or a fantastic family meal, thus keeping the cost to a minimum but guaranteeing you are eating fresh, healthy food.

Perfect Family meals:

Fish pie 
Salmon en croute
Seafood pasta
Soup / chowder

Ideal for Children (or even the bigger kids of the house):

Fish goujons
Fish Burgers
Seafood pasta
Smoked salmon on toast
Fish and chips
Seafood pizza

Perfect for sharing:

Fish taco’s
Fish fajitas
Calamari Paella
Seafood kebabs

The list in endless….. Whether you are looking to improve what you eat so that you have a healthy lifestyle, are trying to lose or maintain a healthy body weight or you simply want to ensure your body is getting the nutrients that it deserves, fish and seafood have a place in every lifestyle.

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