12 Fab Fish Foodie Gifts

The Dockside team is full of fish foodies! We can’t resist a good (or so awful it’s good) fish-themed gift. If you know someone that considers themselves a gourmet seafood chef, a pro-fisherman or just appreciates a proper fish and chips dinner, take a look at this gift guide and get some ideas circling for their next birthday present.

1. Lobster bottle opener

Hand your friend this useful little gift and wait for them to suggest a lobster dinner to repay you for your kindness!

2. Swedish gummy fish

Ever heard of this unique style of sweet? Move over gummy bears—it’s all about gummy fish at Dockside! Grab a pack for a pal or have an unconventional sweet prepared for those Halloween trick-or-treaters!

3. Creature cups

Who isn’t going to fan out over these cute and incredibly detailed creature cups? Available with lobsters, sharks and many more designs, this one is for the avid brew-drinker in your life.

4. Fish-filled iPhone case

How do you make a smartphone even smarter? Give it a snazzy cover with floating fish friends. The back of your phone will look like a scene from Finding Dory every time you type out a text!

5. Fish beanbag chair

A great idea for the kids—turn a bedroom into an underwater world with these fantastic sea life beanbag designs. Watch them turn into Marine Biologists before your very eyes!

6. Swordfish corkscrew

This stylish swordfish corkscrew is one for that dinner party host that always finds the perfect wine pairing for a delicious feast.

7. Seafood specialty cookbooks

Seafood is so versatile in the kitchen—there’s no lack of amazing cookbooks on the market that specialise in the perfect fish dish. Whether your friend’s favourite is a mussel or a mackerel, check out the bestseller list or online recommendations for independent titles.

8. Shark bite socks

No explanation needed. Who wouldn’t want their feet warmed up by a hungry shark?

9. Personalised fishing equipment

Another for the fishing fanatic—get a special message embossed on an item every fisherman needs.

10. Printed fish apron

Lovely illustrations and an educational gift too. Have you tried every fish on this apron? Head over to Dockside and grab the ones you’ve missed!

11. Fish knives set

Devour your next chippy dinner in style with these finely crafted fish knives; ideal for cutting into freshly cooked fish!

12. Dockside fish boxes

Of course, the ultimate fish foodie gift (in our opinion!) is a Dockside fish box packed with a delicious assortment of fresh and frozen seafood. Available in several varieties, there’s a box for every fish fan and they’re available all year round.

(Just so you know, we’ve scoured the online shops to create this gift guide, but haven’t bought all of these great items. However, we might get around to it when December gets closer!)

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