Frozen Fish

Frozen fish is fantastic for stocking up the freezer with, so you’re prepared for those mid-week meals. Our fish is immediately frozen when caught, to retain those ocean fresh flavours that make fish so delicious! Whether you cook your fish straight from frozen or thaw before preparation, you’re guaranteed delicious fish dinners every time.

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  • Frozen Crab Meat 50/50

    Frozen Crab Meat 50/50

    A split portion tray of both brown and white crab meat, ideal for sandwiches, pastas or salads.

  • Frozen Mussels

    Frozen Mussels

    Plump and juicy flesh with a wonderful flavour of the seaside.

  • Frozen Cockles


    Shelled and cleaned frozen cockles, ready to eat or reheat.

  • Frozen Whelks

     Frozen Whelks

    Shelled and individually frozen to enjoy cold or warm.

  • Frozen Whitebait

     Frozen Whitebait

    Responsibly sourced and fresh flavoured, whitebait makes for a unique snack or canapé.

  • Frozen Blanchbait

    Frozen Blanchbait

    Responsibly sourced whitebait with a crispy breadcrumb coating.


57 Item(s)

  15  21  30  All  per page