Mackerel Burger

Many think that you can’t make a delicious burger without beef, pork or chicken. In fact, a variety of oily fish can make incredibly succulent patties and Dockside has a recipe that’s sure to give you that summer barbecue feeling even while it’s pouring outside. Our mackerel fillets are incredibly versatile and quick to cook up. With only a few other ingredients, you’ll have yourself a gourmet burger without the hassle of setting up your outdoor grill.

Smoky Salmon Fettuccine

Who doesn’t love a hearty pasta for lunch or dinner? With Dockside’s delicious Hot Smoked Salmon, you can whip up a scrumptious meal that’s packed with the goodness of oily fish. Not only is this fettuccine recipe tasty and full of nutrients, you can substitute conventional pasta for gluten-free noodles or spiralised vegetables and lose none of the health benefits!

Anchovied Potato Salad

Dockside is a fan of anchovies… We’re ‘fan-chovies’, if you will. Their sharp taste spices up every dish they’re incorporated into, which means your usual sides can get a flavour punch in seconds! Grab a portion of the most flavourful anchovies in Lancashire and try this recipe for a delicious potato salad.

Dockside's Fantastic Fish and Chips

Here’s a fantastic fish and chips recipe you don’t need a deep fryer for! Our fresh cod and haddock fillets are great for shallow frying and the chips in this recipe are oven-roasted. There's no need to find the perfect chippy—here's everything you'll need!

Monkfish Tagine

Dockside’s white fish selection is the best in Lancashire and this delicious tagine recipe utilises the firm, meaty texture of our amazing monkfish! Our fillets are taken from the tail of the monkfish, where the flesh is dense and succulent. These white fish are known for pairing well with a range of hearty and robust flavours—try them in this Monkfish Tagine, a style of dish that originated in North Africa and the Middle East.

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