Lobster Thermidor

Thought this one was just for the most special of occasions? Well think again, because it’s a dish that’s relatively easy to make using a Cooked Lobster and just a little bit of culinary magic!

Baked Halibut

If you love your Halibut Steak with a zesty lemon and garlic flavour (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then this baked halibut recipe is perfect for you. Simple to prepare, and requiring just 10 minutes in the oven, it’s a brilliant way to have restaurant-quality seafood without the fuss!

Simple Garlic Crevettes

This rich dish is shockingly easy to prepare using our luscious Raw Crevettes and is sure to impress at your next dinner party. Serve up as a succulent seafood appetiser, or as a table centrepiece complete with green salad.

Ginger & Vinegar Trout

This dish is a great snack in between meals, or as a protein-packed punch before you head to the gym. If you fancy extending it out a bit and turning it into a full meal, you can pair your Butterfly Trout Fillets with some grilled veg for a tasty, but healthy, treat.

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