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The Beginner’s Guide to Wine & Seafood

wine-seafoodWe know what it’s like. You go to a fancy seafood restaurant and stare at the wine menu, intimidated by the sheer choice of wines and baffled as to which one you should pick with your Lobster Thermidor. Well worry no longer as Dockside Seafood has put together this little guide, so you can practice at home next time you’re enjoying some of our ocean-fresh fish.

Weight Loss Wonderfoods

While it’s well known how good seafood can be for your heart, you may not know just how great it can be for your waistline as well. But all fish were not created equal so we’re here to outline what you should be eating and why.

5 Reasons to Buy Frozen Seafood

frozen-prawnsAt Dockside Seafood, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our fresh fish. After all, we’ve been leading the charge in delivering ocean-fresh seafood products for 35 years!

But fresh fish isn’t the only option, and nor should it be. Here are five reasons why frozen seafood is sometimes the way to go.


Why Sustainable Fishing is Good News for Everyone

At Dockside, we pride ourselves on ensuring we keep up the best practices possible when it comes to sourcing our seafood. That's why so many of our products, such as coley and pollock, are sustainably fished. But exactly what does this mean?

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