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3 Ingredient Fish Dishes

You don’t need 101 ingredients to make a shellfish dish that looks and tastes amazing. It’s a common misconception that shellfish meals are complicated or only broken out during dinner parties. Don’t talk yourself out of cooking with some truly versatile seafood options! Here are Dockside’s favourite 3-ingredient recipes that utilise shrimp (from our July giveaway), mussels and a sneaky salmon for anyone that wants to be different!

5 Great Ways to Serve Smoked Fish

There’s not long left to enter our June giveaway to win a delicious smoked fish hamper! There are countless ways to use the smoked salmon, mackerel and other scrumptious offerings we’ve included this month. Smoked fish already has a sharp, distinct BBQ flavour and requires very little (if any!) cooking. Able to spice up a meal in no time, smoked fish is tasty and versatile and can be eaten at any time of day.

10 Ways to Spice Up Your Salmon

Salmon is one of the most versatile fish Dockside has to offer. Lending its succulent flesh to countless flavours, salmon is suited to a variety of meals and palettes. With our salmon hamper competition about the close (Enter now for your chance to win!), we wanted to post a few ideas of how to season and glaze this delicious fish. Try these ideas on our skinless, boneless fillets and let us know which one is your favourite on Facebook or Twitter!

Dockside’s Guide to the Perfect Picnic Day

The spring season is truly upon us—the weather is sunny (occasionally!), the grass is green and we’re all itching to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. April 23rd is Picnic Day and we couldn’t let it go by without letting you know the best seafood to fill your baskets with. Take a look at our suggestions and swing by the Dockside shop to get your hands on the freshest, most delicious fish that Lancashire has to offer.

Sauces for Seafood

With the variety of seafood we’ve got on offer in our April giveaway, we couldn’t help but wonder how we’d serve some of our favourite fish. There are so many accompaniments to choose from and there’s always a debate in the Dockside offices regarding the best sauce to use for our different catches. Here are a few we think you should consider for your next seafood dish!

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