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Sardines’ Nutritional Benefits

Sardines have one of the highest nutritional benefits compared to any other food. They’re filled with omega-3 and various other healthy fatty acids which all benefit your body both physically and mentally. As well as this, they’re also absolutely delicious.

The Best Ways To Enjoy Salmon

The beauty of salmon is that no matter how you serve it or what you pair it with, the taste is always second to none! There are so many recipe combinations, it’s almost never-ending. The key to these delicious salmon meals all comes down to the quality of your fillet—and what better place to look other than Fleetwood’s leading fishmonger?

The Healthiest Ways to Cook Your Fish

When it comes to fish, many people tend to believe that no matter how you cook it, it’s always healthy. However this isn’t true, there are certain ways of cooking fish that can add extra fat or salt—especially when it’s fried!

With Dockside being masters of seafood, we thought we’d point you guys in the right direction by showing you the healthiest ways to cook your fish. Enjoy!

Become a Seafood Professional

Learning how to master seafood is like learning how to ride a bike! It’s hard to learn at first, but once you’ve completely nailed it, you’re a pro!

Food for Brains

When you heard that ‘fish is good for your brain’, my best bet is that you didn’t consider why or how, you just accepted that it did and that was that. Am I right?

Well because here at Dockside we supply the freshest, most delicious seafood, we thought it’d be a good idea to tell you how seafood actually improves your brain power.

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