Tasty Taco's

Adding a bit of Mexican spice in to our lives with these delicious Blackened Cod Taco's. Once only cooked as a snack, the Taco has become a firm favourite as a tasty main course in most households, a definite family favourite!

They really are as tasty as they look, so what are you waiting for?

I really regret eating healthy today ... said no-one ever.

Eating a well-balanced diet can help to reduce your risk of various diseases and can help you maintain a healthy weight. We're talking beautifully cooked meals using only the best ingredients, cutting out the convenient processed foods and eating fresh. 

Prawn stir-fry

We absolutely love fresh prawns here at Dockside, so it won't come as too much of a suprise that they are our top choice for this weeks dining with friends dish. Just look how delish this looks and it is so simple to make. Less than 10 minutes from prep to plate, leaving plenty of time to spend catching up with friends.

Low fat spice rub

A really simple seasoning mix that will add delicious flavour to your dish.

Traditional fish 'n' chips with a Gin & Tonic twist

Friday and Fish 'n' Chips go together like Gin & Tonic.  So what better way to spend your Friday night than cooking up a storm in your kitchen and trying out the best dish you've never had. I'm sure this will become your new signature dish!

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